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Wednesdays 3rd-24th April 2024  |  Zoom

Can I make art? Workshop Series

A four-part, participatory, online workshop series exploring ways to feel more comfortable making and connecting with art

About these workshops

This fully participatory workshop series is about strengthening your relationship with art through accessible art-making exercises and talking together. This is not a ‘How To Draw’ workshop, but a ‘How can I feel more comfortable to draw?’ workshop.

Over 4 weeks, we will draw inspiration from practices by contemporary artists, doing simple drawing and writing activities to change our perceptions of what it means to “make art”. During these weekly 2-hour workshops, we will talk about our relationship with art, whether positive or negative, and practice art from within the comfort of our own homes without fear of someone peering over our shoulders as we make.

This workshop is for anyone who struggles with perfectionism, battles with creative blocks, feels isolated by the art world, or wants to overcome their insecurities with art-making so they can say Yes, I am allowed and I can make art. 

Absolutely no prior artistic training required, only an openness to exploring your own creative abilities.

When & Where

4 Tuesdays in April 2024

6:30–8:30pm AEDT / AEST

on Zoom

– 3rd April

NSW / ACT / VIC / TAS 6:30–8:30pm

SA 6:00–8:00pm

QLD 5:30-7:30

NT 5:00–7:00pm

WA 3:30–5:30pm

– 12th May

– 19th May

– 26th May

​NSW / QLD / ACT / VIC / TAS 6:30–8:30pm

NT / SA 6–8pm
WA 4:30–6:30pm

Max. 10 people

Material's you'll need to bring

– Graph paper

– A pencil and sharpener

– Min. 3x coloured pencils

– Pad of drawing paper

Note: depending on what is available to you locally and the quality of products you chose to purchase, these materials are likely to cost anywhere between $25-$60 in total. (More details provided when you reserve a spot)





I need some $upport to do this

Price is in $AUD

This is to attend all four workshops. Workshops are not sold as individual sessions.


Price includes website fees so there won't be any annoying extra costs when you reserve a spot.

Reserve spot

Easy! Just register as usual with your own details and then send an email to with the person's details who you're gifting it to (name and email address) and let Zoya know when you'll be giving it to them so she doesn't email them with details before you do :)

Want to give this workshop series as a gift to someone?

"Inspiring, enabling, engaging."

– M.D.

"This workshop has been like a warm hug, not only for my art practice but also for my soul. Throughout the four weeks, I have felt more and more excited for the upcoming classes, and it has helped me relax and connect with art in a different way. I believe finding a safe space to share practices and concerns is crucial for a nice and long-lasting relationship with art, and this workshop has successfully proven that. Zoya is such a thoughtful and talented facilitator; it couldn't have been better."

— Pánama

Participants describe this workshop as:
A hug

"This course helped me to get the pencil in my hand moving and to not be held back by the sometimes overthinking brain! Simple techniques were learnt which really did help with creating!"

— Mel

"I think it would be good to emphasise how supportive it is. There is lots of guidance and support for those too scared to start, but enough freedom for those scared of structure."

— Katy

"The workshop series was really helpful for kicking my perfectionism up the arse. It loosened me up enough to just get into it and make some art. It gave me lots to think about, especially regarding the power of limitations, chaos, randomness and of losing control/inhibitions when making art."

— Raina


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