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Archive: Zoya's Triannual Newsletter

News, People & Projects, Opportunities


Murringo Residency; Workshops

Franny Coughlan. Barbara Holloway, Madeline Bishop, Regional Scribes Anthology

Mar 2024


I think my art is happy I’m in Spain; Regional Scribes & running programs

Panamá Diaz, Bella Roxburgh, Rafa Sanchez, Exitplanr

May 2023


Summer; Learning; Work; House- and Pet-sitting Adventures; Websites

NextWave: Kickstart, Regional Scribes, Jamie Toyne, Ghost Gum Rhythm & Blues, GUTS Dance, NTcommunity, Off The Leash

Apr 2022


Artworks for sale; Workshops!;

A Climate For Art (ACFA)

Aug 2023


Slowing down on work, amping up on relationships; Learning again; New studio & commitment to making

Ida Keškić, Zinzi Rullens & de Neef van Fred, Marta Troya, To Be Milked

Dec 2022


I made a program and ran it ...all by myself; Things turned upside down

Lucy Godoroja & the book All Buttons Great & Small, Dan Procházka and Open Field Co-Living Homestead, Dallas Gold & RAFT artspace, Bobbie Bailey & Owen Kelly, Maddy Krenek & Frankie Snowdon

Dec 2022


Family time, big questions; Future Leaders; Artwork sale

Jamie Toyne, Regional Scribes, The Black Wreath, Haneen Mahmood Martin, Betty Sweetlove, Llewellyn Millhouse, Elliat & James, Nadeem Eshraghi

Sept 2022

Living on Gadigal Wangal Country.

Always was, always will be,

Aboriginal land.

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