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Independent Arts Worker with a focus on connection, contemporary art and community practices

As both a Visual Artist and Arts Worker, I deeply value practices in care and vulnerability, using art and facilitation as vehicles for connection. My work aims to support others to connect, share, reflect and feel emboldened, whether with practical tools to get a project off the ground, or a space to be held and share vulnerabilities in order to move forward. I try to find ways to demystify the art world and how it can sometimes make us feel isolated, hoping to create a more accessible space for artists and audiences to make and participate in art.


Currently I produce and facilitate online workshops, Can I make art?, supporting people to feel more comfortable making and engaging with art; I am a proud Board Member of GUTS Dance; a graphic designer for organisations, businesses and independent artists, and consultant on grants and project development. ​​I occasionally write things, including for my triannual newsletter and, recently, for PhotoCollective.


I was a co-producer of Regional Arts Australia’s Regional Scribes program for young writers (2022-2023), the Director of Watch This Space ARI (2016-2020)
and have supported a colourful range of practices, from heavy metal music festivals to political playwrights to First Nations Skateboard social enterprises. I was accepted into the 2020/2021 Future Leaders Program by the Australia Council for the Arts and received the Arts NT Creative Fellowship in 2021. My professional development includes Foundational Counselling, Governance, Arts Access, Fundraising, Digital Marketing and Mental Health First Aid training.

Marketing Workshop_WTS_12 October 2021 (11 of 54).jpg

Photo by Sara Maiorino

Some recent projects

Regional Scribes

2022-2023 Anthology

National publication available through Regional Arts Australia shop


Regional Scribes: An online program for young people with a writing-based practice living regionally, to overcome the vastness of space and isolation by coming together to learn and share.

A Regional Arts Australia program

Screen Shot 2023-04-06 at 12.47.16 pm.png
Regional Scribes_logo_large.png

Regional Scribes 2022 Anthology

Graphic design by Nadeem Tiafau Eshraghi

Secretary on the Board of Directors for GUTS Dance.

Strategic planning, fundraising initiatives, organisational operations and graphic design for creative and administrative projects

GUTS logo.png

Website and custom illustrations for Exitplanr


Designs and artwork for The Nestmakers – a play by Betty Sweetlove

The Nestmakers_postcard4x6.png

Custom illustrations and website for

Jamie Toyne Coaching & Consulting

Marketing Workshop_WTS_12 October 2021 (3 of 54).jpeg
Can I get a hand, pls_.png

Photos by Sara Maiorino

Workshops on Grants, Finances and Marketing presented at Watch This Space

ZGP Fellowship_2021 Marketing Workshop with co-facilitators Jamie Toyne (R) and Zoya Godor

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Living on Gadigal Wangal Country.

Always was, always will be,

Aboriginal land.

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