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The Silver Spoon

In collaboration with Aoife Milson, Frankie Snowdon and Jonny Rowdon



Live food event

As part of Watch This Space's 25th Anniversary Program, Still Alive After 25

Photography by Mimi Catterns



A dancer, painter, drawer and performer are coming together to create an experimental dining experience bringing performance and art to the dinner table.

The degustation menu will see a five course meal with deliciously matched beverages to wet your thirsty, excited whistles. Inspired by our local surroundings, ingredients will be sourced from local farmers, creative food lovers and makers, supporting the little guise and ensuring low-impact on this beautiful environment.

Diners will meet at WTS where they will be driven to an offsite location to enjoy the evening's festivities (...and alcoholic beverages - drink-driving ain't cool). They will also be gifted with take-home goodies before being dropped back into town after a delectable feast and dreamy night. Later drop-offs will also be provided for those who wish to stay deeper into the night for a boogie.

Living on Gadigal Wangal Country.

Always was, always will be,

Aboriginal land.

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